Pound Puppy Report

Pound Puppy 1-23-14To everything there is a season, and for every lost or abandoned puppy, there is a family waiting to find and embrace it.

The city pound has three new residents— two female Labrador mixes and a large mutt-of-all-breeds—all of whom are very eager to find a home.

Female lab mixThe first Lab has been at the pound for about 3 weeks now and we are told is “very sweet.”


Older lab mixThe other is an older model (at least 7 years old) with a collar but no tags.


Friendly brown & whiteThe brown and white came with a leather collar but no tags, and he is big—no, BIG. We have no clue what particularly brand he is, but are told that he’s very friendly.

All of these dogs are available for adoption, which costs only $15 and includes the mandatory rabies vaccine. Please contact city hall at 806. 323.6474 for more information.