CHS Art Students Ace VASE Competition, Qualify One For State

Ten Canadian High School art students competing in the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) earned a Superior IV rating—the highest level—for all of their 12 entries. Their instructor is Chelsie Murfee. The contest was held Saturday, February 22, at Amarillo High School.
This year, the District 16 event had 798 entries. The CHS winners included two perfect scorers, Allie Collier and Nadya Fryer. Maddie Shields will advance to the 2014 State VASE Event scheduled for April 4–5 at Bryan High School.
Competing in Division 1 (1 year or less credit in art) were senior Allie Collier, freshman Nayda Fryer, freshman Maddie Shields, senior Lourdes Gonzales, senior Jaqueline Lopez and sophomore Ireland Stevenson. In Division 2 (1–2 years credit in art) were sophomore Erica Wyatt, senior Dillon Reed and senior Josh Henry. Senior Heidy Sanchez competed in Division 3 (2–3 years art credit in art), with a double entry.
Students received a medal and certificate for their entries.
In addition to the artwork, which has strict requirements for originality and presentation, each student completed a written questionnaire describing their piece, the elements of art in their work, and the historical or art period that influenced them most. Also, each student had to discuss their work during an eight-minute interview with a judge.
“I am very impressed with the quality of work from this talented group of students,” said Murfee. “They are highly dedicated and their commitment is apparent in their artwork. Defending artwork in front of a judge is often intimidating to students. I would like to congratulate all of my students who took the challenge. I appreciate the work they put into their art, their paperwork and their interview.”
VASE is conducted under the auspices of the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA). The program was initiated in 1980 and can be considered the UIL of visual arts in Texas. At one time, UIL was on the verge of including the visual arts in its contests, but in the 1990s, the TAEA established VASE to replace the successful UIL pilot program. Visit for more information.