More Snow For Canadian

Snow SliderPhotos by Laurie Ezzell Brown

The lion prevailed in bringing in March. For the reporting period of Wednesday, Feb. 26 through Tuesday, March 4, there were some surprising highs and some really shocking lows for the month that heralds spring. The high overnight temperatures never got above 35.6 degrees registered on Friday, Feb. 28, the same day as the high daytime temperature of 67 degrees. It was windy, too, with a high wind speed of 34 mph at 1 am. The snow that fell on Sunday, March 2,  was probably around 2″ here in town. The low daytime temperature was 15.4 degrees that day. Some thermometers recorded low overnight temperatures of below zero the next day, Monday, March 3, but the Gatlin Weather Station showed 1.5 degrees. Whatever the gauge said at your house, it was cold enough to freeze nose hairs. The February moisture total was a mere .34″, making us wish that lion had some magic up his sleeve in the way of rain.