Pound Puppy Report

Canadian's new animal control officer Josh WattsCanadian’s newly-hired animal control enforcement officer Josh Watts has a house-full of adoptable pets at the City Pound, and would be happy to find a good home for each one of them.

This week’s line-up of lost or abandoned dogs includes: A female Chihuahua with collar; a 1-year-old male Pomeranian mix; a 2-month-old female Boxer; a male birddog of indeterminate age; a 6-month-old male Boxer; and a 3-month-old male Red Heeler mix.

They are all just gnawing at the chance to be your favorite pet, and all it takes to adopt one is a phone call to City Hall at 323-6473 and $15, which covers the cost of required shots from your friendly family vet. Please call today.