School Starts Construction Of New Tennis Facilities

By Antonio Morales Crane1

Superintendent Kyle Lynch provided board members with an update on the construction of the new tennis facilities at the former Rotary Park site that were needed to serve the district’s growing and increasingly successful tennis program.

Board member Kyle Northcott says that after speaking with Steve Horner of Advantage Courts, he expects the tennis complex to be completed by mid-August.

“That’s all dependent on weather and those type of delays,” said Northcott. “Unless we have some torrential rains, I think that’s a realistic goal.”

The construction committee also plans on adding a 21 by 212 foot parking area with sidewalks that will create between 18 and 20 parking spaces.

“They’re moving pretty fast,” said Northcott. “It’s really going to start looking like a tennis court pretty quickly.”

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SitePhotos by Laurie Ezzell Brown