Setting A New Record (Sign)

Record Sign 3It has been several years since gale-force spring winds wrenched the metal sign off The Canadian Record facade and cast it to the ground in a heap. This week, Alley Woodworks employees John Dennis and James Martinez installed a new one, cut out of high-density sign foam using a CNC router which makes cuts based on a computer-generated drawing—a process that required about 12 hours from start to finish with only occasional supervision.

The design is based on The Record logo, with the addition of the Liberty Bell that has graced its business cards since former publishers Ben and Nancy Ezzell first designed them. Alley Woodworks owners Rob and Gabriel Brown and crew hand-primed and hand-painted the sign, which was mounted using a special bonding adhesive. The company has used this computer-assisted technology to make signs for other businesses, as well, including the Canadian River Art Gallery and Three Strand Threads.

Funding for the sign was provided in part through the Canadian EDC Chamber of Commerce’s signage grant program. Record editor and publisher Laurie Ezzell Brown expressed her appreciation for the County and EDC’s assistance, adding, “This finely-crafted sign is certain to outlive me and outlast the strongest Texas Panhandle wind.”

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