Runners On The Glow


Runners of all ages took to the streets Saturday night to compete in the first Gallery Glow 5K Run for the Arts put on by the Canadian River Art Center.

Participants gathered at Wildcat Stadium and geared up for the race with glow-in-the-dark t-shirts and glow sticks.

The race started at 9:15 pm and contestants paced through 3.1 miles of glowing entertainment, enjoying multiple black-light zones along the way.

“The kids really had a great time,” said event coordinator Nicole Neumeier. “They had a lot of fun with all of the glow gear and it being at night.”

There were 65 registered runners for the event and CRA members are hoping to expand on that promising number.

“This year was about getting the name out and making people aware of it,” said Neumeier. “That part was successful and we just have to build on it for next year.”

Money raised will benefit the CRA in their efforts to give students an opportunity to take art classes on a scholarship. They are currently needing to reinstate 20 existing scholarships.

“The gallery’s mission is to continue to educate students on the importance of art within the community,” said Neumeier.

The CRA also hosted the event in hopes of attracting out-of-town participants and introducing them to their gallery.

“The CRA hosts many out-of-town guests who help spread Canadian’s reputation as a progressive community that values all venues and mediums of the arts,” said Neumeier.

Neumeier and the rest of the CRA committee are now seeking private donors to help sustain the gallery’s needs and keep it open.

Story and photos by Antonio Morales