Heads in the sand

OPINION / By Laurie Ezzell Brown

IN THE NOW-DISTANT PAST, our community’s progress was hampered by the inability of city and county to work together, to share their resources in a way that used our tax dollars most effectively, and that acknowledged their common interests and interdependence. Much good has come from the ability of those two governmental entities to work together, and to bring others—like the school and hospital districts—to the table, as well.

There is no lesson learned, though, that cannot be unlearned, and no progress achieved that cannot be lost when we ignore the past and lose sight of the future.

As our city council embarks on a new challenge to map that future by investing heavily in a comprehensive long-range plan, we would like to believe that the lessons have been learned and committed to memory, and that their vision for our future is clear. We are concerned, though, that neither is true.

The examples of this council’s collective failure to fully grasp those hard-earned lessons are many. . . .

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