Lake Marvin break-through

IMG_0213Judge George Briant reported a break-through in the county-funded reclamation project at Lake Marvin this week. He and Pct. 2 County Commissioner Tim Alexander were on hand last Monday when a backhoe breached the big beaver dam that had virtually closed off spring flow into the lake. “There was a lot of water back there behind that,” Briant said.

Former commissioner Lynard Schafer, who was on the court when it first authorized funding for the project, went out Thursday to inspect the project and reported that it was still running out. “Where they are digging now, they are down to the water table,” Briant said. “In another week to ten days, they should be about through to the other side.”

Raymond Henry Services LLC is overseeing work on the project, which began with extensive brush clearing around the lake’s perimeter. In the current phase, the focus has been on reorienting and extending the spring-bed maintenance channel in an effort to enable water to flow back more freely and recharge the lake. At last report, the total cost of the project—which has been underway since early October—was $204,336.

Top photo by Laurie Ezzell Brown; photo at left courtesy Lynard Schafer; video courtesy Tim Alexander


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