Tools of the trade: A timeless tour of Derrick’s Boot and Saddle Shop

Ernie Derrick grew up in his granddad’s boot shop, picking stitches. Each one he picked brought him a stitch closer to earning swimming hole privileges.

By way of explanation, he said, “When you cut the old soles off a boot, all the old stitches have got to be picked out, and you’ve got to do it by hand.”

“I hated it,” he said, chuckling. “Still don’t like it.”

But the connection between a good day’s work and a cool, refreshing swim with friends was not lost on young Ernie. Stitch-by-stitch, a work ethic was born, and an age-old skill, mastered by the grandfather whose name he carries, was handed down to another generation.

The original Derrick Boot Shop was established in downtown Canadian over 65 years ago . . . .


For the full story, check out this week’s edition of The Record on local newsstands, or read our e-edition.



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