32 wins and more: history waits in Bushland

Now it matters.
After two weeks of scrimmages, the lights are coming on and Friday marks opening day for Texas high school football.
“Everybody’s pretty anxious to get going for something that really counts,” said linebacker Holton Hufstedler. “These last two weeks, it’s been fun to go against somebody else, but this Friday, [the] scoreboard’s going to be on and at the end there’s going to be somebody that wins and somebody that loses. We’re going to prepare this week so that we can win.”
It’s always a premier match when the Wildcats and Bushland Falcons face off.
In it’s fifth consecutive year, the Black-And-Gold Bowl will feature two explosive offenses anchored by a crew of veteran linemen—Bushland with three returning, Canadian with four.
What happens once the ball is snapped . . .

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