New vehicle registration law targets child support payees

As of Sept. 1, parents who are delinquent on child support payments won’t get to renew their vehicle registration in Hemphill County until a payment is made. The enforcement action is authorized by state law.

Hemphill County Tax Assessor-Collector Debbie Ford said the system will flag people who are at least six months behind on child support payments. When they come to renew their vehicle registration, they will be given information on how to contact the attorney general’s office to make payment arrangements.

Once arrangements have been made to pay their child support, the flag notification will be removed, and they can register their vehicles.

Parents whose vehicle registrations expire in December will receive notice in September from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that renewal is being denied due to a child support delinquency. Parents will also receive a letter 90 days in advance from the attorney general’s office, informing them that their vehicle registration renewal will not be processed until they contact the office to arrange a payment plan and make a payment towards the plan.

Janece Rolfe, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s child support division, said the new enforcement is an extension to the law. “The law already does allow non-renewal of driver’s and professional licenses, as well as recreational licenses (such as) for hunting and fishing,” Rolfe said, “so this isn’t a new concept.”

When a parent makes the first payment toward the plan, the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified the same day. The next day, the hold will be removed.

Parents are not required to pay the entire amount to remove the hold; however, a minimum $200 payment is required.

Are you behind on your child support payments? Did you receive a letter that states that the registration renewal will not be processed until a payment plan is arranged and a satisfactory payment made? Contact the AG office or call 1.866.646.5611.

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