Canadian ISD seeks greater local control with District of Innovation plan

School officials conducted a public hearing last month to receive input on the possibility of Canadian ISD becoming a District of Innovation (DOI). The hearing, held in conjunction with trustees’ Aug. 17 meeting, attracted only a handful of attendees and little comment—probably in part, because the advance notice was minimal, and in part, because the meeting was held during the last week of summer vacation before the start of school on Aug. 22.

That lack of attention was troubling, considering both the potential good, and the potential harm, that the District of Innovation concept could have for public education. But in an interview with The Record following that hearing, Lynch apologized for what he called poor planning on his part, and pledged his commitment to full transparency in the DOI planning process. Explaining that there was a 30-day window between the July board meeting when trustees adopted the resolution to become a DOI and the public hearing, Lynch said, “I just wanted to get the ball rolling,” he said, “and I couldn’t push it to September. It was just bad planning. . . .”

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Read the edited transcript of Record editor Laurie Ezzell Brown’s interview with Lynch here.