Search renewed east of town this morning for Thomas Brown

8:50 am / Nov. 26, 2016

Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

There are new signs today that Canadian High School senior Thomas Brown—who has been missing since late in the evening of Wednesday, November 23—may have walked away from his abandoned vehicle early Thanksgiving morning. A search has begun this morning in the area east/southeast of the wastewater treatment facility where his vehicle was found.

During an 8 am briefing at the Hemphill County Law Enforcement Center, Sheriff Nathan Lewis reported that a fresh team of dogs had been brought in yesterday and immediately picked up Brown’s scent. They tracked it east about 3/4 of a mile before running into water, where the hounds lost the scent and were unable to proceed.

About thirty volunteers—including firefighters and law enforcement officers—are combing the area now, looking for any signs the young man may have left. Sheriff Lewis noted that Brown has likely been out for two very cold nights without warm clothes and could be in distress.

Searchers are traveling on foot, on horseback and on ATV’s, with aerial support via helicopter.

“We have a missing person,” Sheriff Lewis said. “He could be suicidal. We have indications from friends and family, and from an Instagram message he posted the day before he went missing.”

Lewis said Brown did have a cell phone in his possession, but placed his last call at 12:23 am Thursday morning. The cell phone was then turned off and has not been on since.

More information will be reported as it is available.

Anyone with information about Thomas Brown that may help in locating him is urged to contact the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office at 806.323.5324.

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