School board tours construction site

As Canadian ISD’s new classroom addition and practice gym begin to take shape, school trustees toured both construction sites at the middle and high school campuses last Tuesday evening after first studying drawings to get their bearings.

01Architect Barry Taylor guided the board members through the maze of new construction, starting with the south side’s upper level of classrooms, serving cafeteria and storage area, into the lower level where more classrooms and storage will be housed in what also serves as a storm shelter. Ramps and elevators will add handicapped accessibility throughout the two campuses, as well.

After touring the south construction site, the group moved to the practice gymnasium on the north side of the high school, which will be connected by walkways to the existing foyer and gym.

Back in the board room, Superintendent Kyle Lynch explained some change orders that will cover the cost of creating an innovative learning space in what is currently the special education room in the high school’s back hallway and relocating a staff bathroom that had to be moved to accommodate an elevator.

Lynch said the new learning space was inspired by a visit he and CHS Principal Lynn Pulliam made to Amarillo public schools to see a similar space in use. The space would be located at the end of one corridor adjacent to the coaches’ offices, and may include interactive touch-screen televisions, new LED lighting, and movable walls to facilitate more flexible use of the space for meeting rooms, as well.

“Dr. Pulliam and I toured some school in Amarillo that had these open learning spaces,” Lynch told they board, “and they were pretty popular.”

While the board delayed any action on those change orders, pending the receipt of more specific details on the $267,136 cost, they unanimously approved another change order to create a girls’ locker room adjacent to the old gymnasium, at a cost of $26,583.

Taylor explained that the costs are part of the value-engineering process and would be covered in the allowance that was set aside for the project.

Lynch said that both construction projects were on schedule, with the practice gym expected to be completed by the first of June, and an early November completion date for the classroom addition.

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