Tree fever hits The River City

tree 01It only took an hour and nine minutes for 104 people to load up 200 Purple Robe Locust trees given away Saturday morning at The Citadelle. The aprons worn by volunteers said “Art Lovers and Tree Huggers,” and business was brisk as the 7-to-10-foot trees were moved from The Citadelle Mansion garage to the driveway in front. The cars and pickups queued up on 6th Street early for a place in line for loading out. Some folks had to return with bigger vehicles because they most likely assumed the trees would be small fry. Malouf and Therese Abraham have a history of providing trees for Canadian. This time, their impetus for action came from two weather events—the Jan. 15 Winter Storm Jupiter that wrapped area trees in destructive ice, and the March 6 fires that damaged and destroyed trees. “Join us to replant our future” was their motto. All ages pitched in and Maude Culwell even donated her birthday money.

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