MISSING: Private investigators employ cadaver dog in search for Tom Brown

Thomas BrownPrivate investigators hired to find missing teenager Thomas Brown were in Canadian last week, conducting interviews and using a cadaver dog to perform an extensive search in and around the city. While the mystery of Brown’s disappearance five months ago still remains unresolved, lead investigator Phillip Klein said that the trip was a productive one, and reiterated his belief that Brown is most likely dead—the victim of accidental death or homicide.

“Is this a whodunit?” Klein said, when we met with him at a Lake Marvin campground Sunday afternoon. “Yeah, most probably. Unless I’m just totally, absolutely wrong. And let me tell you, I’m not perfect. But out of a thousand some-odd cases, I’ve been wrong…maybe 10 times.”

Klein’s team was concluding its eighteenth search in five days, led by K9 search specialist Trace Sargent and her specially-trained cadaver dog, Chance. “We think this trip…closed a lot of doors for us, which is good,” Klein said. “We feel like we can now concentrate on certain suspects, certain individuals.”

For the rest of the story, read this week’s e-edition.

A $20,000 reward is being
offered to anyone with
information that may help
locate Thomas Brown.
Contact the Hemphill County
Sheriff’s Office at 806.323.5324,
or contact Klein Investigations
by calling 409.729.8798.

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