History lessons at RVPM

The fourth-graders of BES had a morning of history lessons at the River Valley Pioneer Museum on May 11. Volunteer John McGarr visited the world of trains in the Railroad Exhibit; volunteer Irene Floyd introduced the students to an Indian metate; RVPM board member Paula Forrest, a retired teacher, held court in the one-room house where she talked about the old Blue Ridge School, south of Canadian and now closed; Museum Director Lisa Hanbury exhibited gear that cowboys would have worn in pioneer days; and Administrative Assistant Wendy Wright, a veteran, showed military gear to the students and explained how it was used in recent wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lisa Hanbury showing cowboy gear
Lisa Hanbury showing cowboy gear to 4th graders.


Paula Forrest in one-room schoolhouse
Paula Forrest showing artwork done in the time of one-room schoolhouses.
Ilene Floyd
Ilene Floyd talks about Indians.
John McGarr
John McGarr talks about the railroad.
Wendy arranging military gear
Wendy Wright arranges a poncho, next to a student with a backpack, and another with a vest.
girl in gear
Close-up of military vest.


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