New program working wonders for EAMH’ers

Article and photos by Kellie Reeves, Activity Director
Residents at Edward Abraham Memorial Home are jumping with joy over the new Restorative Therapy Program, which has been up and running since the beginning of June.
The program, led by Derrek Martinez, includes individual sessions to increase range of motion, relieve pain, and bolster self confidence through exercise, as well as positive encouragement. Group sessions incorporate music, laughter, and games, while encouraging participation and building a sense of community.
Between heat packs, resistance bands, exercise bikes, and a good measure of goal-oriented positive thinking, several residents have made enormous progress. Granny Vernon, who has not been able to walk for seven months, has gained feeling back in her legs and can stand on her own for several minutes at a time. “With positive thoughts and exercise, my goal is to be able to walk,” she said.
Carolyn Tucker has been wheelchair-bound for several years due to prior falls and back surgeries. “Because of my one-on-one time with Derek, I’m now able to walk short distances with my walker.” Mrs. Tucker also enjoys the group exercise. “It brings us all together. We laugh, have fun, and exercise at the same time,” she said.
The purchase and use of a hydrocollator allows residents like Norma Patton to receive pain-therapy treatments for arthritis and scoliosis. She said the heat therapy has been a tremendous success for her.
Other residents echo her relief. These are just a few of the lives being touched and brightened through the love and work of Derrek Martinez and the Restorative Therapy Program. All the participants wanted to thank everyone involved for starting it.

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