A stroke of luck

The albatross landed for veteran golfer Mike McKinney at the Canadian Golf Course on Saturday, July 1. Armed with his three-wood and a Pinnacle golf ball, McKinney shot a hole-in-one—his first-ever, he announced—on the No. 5 hole. Because the infamous “water hole” is a par 4, the one-stroke feat is considered either a double eagle, or an albatross—the British term for a 3-under-par. Witnessing McKinney’s lifetime feat was his golf partner for the day, Record Editor Laurie Ezzell Brown, who said they watched the ball sail over the water, land on the green, and take one bounce, before disappearing from view. From 193-yards away, it was difficult to know where the ball had landed, but when they approached the green, it was nowhere in sight. As McKinney scanned the area just beyond the green and cart path to retrieve his ball, Brown went directly to the hole and spotted the orb nestled between the pin and the cup. Ace McKinney’s official comment: “I own No. 5.” It is a pronouncement that has been oft-repeated since the albatross first landed. Coincidentally, the milestone was reached just days before McKinney’s 68th birthday, which he celebrated with friends last Sunday.


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