Superintendent Lynch signals resolve to shift school district’s focus away from STAAR tests

Citing “an almost moral conviction” that it is time to de-emphasize the STAAR test, Canadian ISD Superintendent Kyle Lynch told school trustees last Wednesday evening, “I don’t want us to ever stake the value of a kid or his success on one test that happens once a year, or to base their success or our success on that test.”

It was as close to an outright declaration of war on Texas’ academic readiness assessment tests as Lynch was likely to get—this month, at least—but it had the sound and fury of something that wasn’t going away.

“It’s taken the learning out of education, the teaching out of education,” Lynch had told The Record in an interview a day earlier. “It is immoral.”

Lynch stopped just short of suggesting that CISD should no longer participate in the state-mandated standardized tests, admitting, “I’m not there yet.” But he did tell school trustees last week that he felt it was time to shift the school’s focus away from the STAAR test, adding, “I’m prepared to say, in Canadian, we’re going to create accountability that matters to us.”

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