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Postcard frontPostcard backThis remarkably well-preserved 1915 postcard was rescued from the Hemphill County Courthouse archives recently by June Brunson, the administrative assistant to County Judge George Briant, who found it tucked inside an old book. “We have boxes and boxes of these old books and they just make me curious, “Brunson said, “so sometimes I will open a lid and just look through a few very dusty ones. I just happened to open this one because it had to do with duties of the commissioners, way back when.” Brunson said she noticed the name of the Precinct 1 commissioner written inside the cover, and thought the current Precinct 1 Commissioner, Dawn Webb, would enjoy seeing it. Webb noticed that the postcard, which features a street scene from Glazier on the front, carried an order for advertising from The Glazier Review to The Canadian Record, and thought the newspaper staff would appreciate the little bit of history it contained. She also hoped we would know what the structure with the protruding facade was at the center of the photo. We’re old, but not quite that old, so we’re sharing the photo here with our readers, hoping one of you might solve the mystery. If you can, give us a call here at The Record, 806.323.6461, or email us at laurie@canadianrecord.com, and we’ll share the information with the rest of you. And while we’re delving through ancient history, The Glazier Review was apparently published in Glazier, Texas, from 1910 to an unknown date. We’d love to have more information about that publication, as well.

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