MISSING: Wheeler County SO ‘following all leads’ in search for 15-year-old Allison Dickey

Allison Dickey, 15, has been gone from her home in Allison since around 10:30 pm on Sunday, July 23, when she went to bed. Her parents, Donna Kay and Richard Dickey, discovered her missing early the next morning—her bedroom window open, the screen removed from the inside, her pink and black backpack and makeup bag gone.

The canine team that was brought in to track Allison followed her scent for a short distance before it disappeared, as they reached a nearby road.

“Our assumption is that she left of her own volition,” said Wheeler County Sheriff Wes Crites, adding, “We have reached no conclusion, but it is an assumption.”

Crites told The Record on Tuesday that his office is still looking for the teen, who attended Canadian High School last year, and had been a student at Fort Elliott before that. “Tips come in every day,” he said. “We are still looking, and we need all the tips we can follow.”

Reports that Allison had been sighted in Amarillo, Colorado and Missouri, as well as in the Yukon/Mustang area of Oklahoma, have all been investigated, but no sign of Allison has resulted.

“The other day, I spent six hours at three apartment complexes and hotels,” her sister, LaDonna Jean Hardegree, reported. “I found three of the girls sighted, but unfortunately, [none was] her.”

“They all looked like Allison,” she added, “and we were grateful for the leads.”

“We believe she left on her own,” Hardegree told The Record. “Several social media websites make us believe she has been taken by a possible predator. She just turned 15, and I truly do not believe she has any idea of what kind of trouble she could be in. I fear for her safety right now.”

Hardegree described her sister as “extremely smart, talented, and mature for her age,” and said, “She could be whatever she desires when she gets older, and I and my parents support her 100 percent.”

The family plans to offer a reward for Allison’s return, and is in the process of collecting funds for that purpose. An account has been set up at Amarillo National Bank, which has several branches in Amarillo, as well as in Canyon and Borger , designated to the Allison Dickey Trust.

“I’m asking all to pray for her safety and safe return,” Hardegree said. “My parents are just sick and don’t know what else to do. We’re begging for any leads to how we can find Allison. Maybe someone remembers her saying something. A few students have already helped us in figuring out more about what could possibly be clues.”

Sheriff Crites said several area law enforcement agencies have been helpful in the search, and that state and federal agencies are also involved. He asked that anyone with any information that might lead to Allison’s return contact his office at 806.826.5537.

“We just need her home,” said Hardegree.


image of Hotline phone# 1-800-843-5678

If you think you have seen a missing child, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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