STILL MISSING: Thomas Brown case…one year later

Thomas-Brown-sliderWhen friends and families gather this Thanksgiving to celebrate their favorite holiday traditions, the family of CHS student Thomas Brown will still be waiting for him to return home.

On Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 6:30 pm, this community will join Tom’s family and friends and former classmates and teammates for a prayer vigil to mark the solemn anniversary of his still-unsolved disappearance. The vigil will be held in the soccer field across from Jones Pavilion—a location that is significant for its proximity to the spot where Tom’s Dodge Durango was found last Thanksgiving morning, seven hours after his midnight curfew had come and gone.

In the year that has passed since then, both the reality and mystery of Tom’s absence have extended well beyond his hometown, touching those who never knew him, and who now share the loss we all feel.

Against the inevitable backdrop of rumor and suspicion, only a few clues have been found—and they are far outnumbered by the questions that remain. But Thomas Brown—whose classmates graduated without him last May, and have gone on to pursue college and careers—has neither been seen, or heard from, since that early Thanksgiving morning a year ago.

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