Canadian Tournament Champions: Ford flies Cats down fairway

The weather early this week wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Panhandle natives, but for the golfers competing in the annual Canadian tournament, conditions couldn’t get much more miserable. Despite sunshine, the temperatures failed to climb out of the 50s. Even worse, spring winds, brought on by the weekend, carried over into competition, and kept fans ducking for cover and athletes struggling to keep the ball on course.
But through adversity, the Wildcats triumphed Tuesday, winning their first true team tournament of the season by defending their familiar home fairways. The team shot 375 despite the biting cold, and it was Taylor Ford leading the way. The junior delivered an individual second-best score of 85—just 1 stroke behind the lone Fort Elliot competitor…

To read the rest of this story, check out this week’s edition of The Canadian Record.

Photos by Peyton Aufill

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