Beach volleyball in Canadian?

City crews turned their attention this week to the Second Street Park, which has been chosen as the site of a new beach volleyball court and improved picnic facilities. Workers pressed old pipe and signposts into service to save money on materials and built the volleyball court to official specifications. An old concrete pad that was poured and never before used will now be the foundation for a tin-roofed pavilion with picnic tables, food preparation counters, and barbecue grills. The park has twice been on the city’s chopping block when discussion turned to cost-cutting measures, but Street and Support Services Superintendent Wesley Wallace said they were determined to turn the site into something that would be well-used by residents. Judging from the pleased comments they’ve received from passersby who observed the park’s transformation, a little beach volleyball may be just the ticket. Asked when the new park installations will be completed, Wallace said they were waiting this week for a net for the court, and for the metal needed to complete the outdoor kitchen area.


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