CHS continues academic UIL domination with district meet; 39 students qualify for Regionals

Canadian High School students scored more than 500 points above their nearest competitor at the Conference 3A District 1 Academics Spring Meet held at West Texas A&M University on March 21. With a total of 785 points, CHS’s closest rival—out of five other schools—was Childress High School with a score of 254. River Road High School had 249 points. CHS claimed eight first-place teams and two alternate teams, and 39 students qualified for the Regional competition.

Accounting – 1st team: 1st, Isaac Garcia; 3rd, Allie Collins; 5th, Alexis Flores; 8th, Taylor Bylinowski.
Calculator Applications – 1st team: 2nd, Melody Hood; 3rd, Tayler Dockray; 12th-tie, Alondra Ortega; 22nd, Reilly Fletcher.
Current Issues – 1st team: 1st, Stephen Pulliam; 3rd, Grace Abraham; 9th, Alex Smith.
Computer Science – 1st team: 1st, Quinn Cook; 2nd, Alex Moreno; 4th, Melody Hood; 5th, Geovanny Esparza.
Literary Criticism – 1st team: 1st, Tayler Dockray; 2nd, Caroline Cook; 4th, Tess Sawyer; 14th, Olivia Trolinger.
Mathematics – 1st team: 1st, Stephen Pulliam; 2nd, Darby Cook; 11th, Melody Hood; 20th-tie, Peyton Dockray.
Science – 1st team: 1st, Darby Cook; 2nd, Melody Hood; 6th, Tess Sawyer; 7th, Jace Belk; 8th, Kylie Sawyer. Biology – 1st, Melody Hood. Chemistry – 1st, Darby Cook; alternate, Jace Belk. Physics – 1st, Darby Cook.
Social Studies – 1st team: 1st, Jack Koetting; 3rd, Callie Dumbauld; 5th, Gracen Walker; 9th-tie, Abi Black.
Number Sense – Alternate team: 6th, Melody Hood; 8th, Darby Cook; 10th, Alondra Ortega; 18th, Geovanny Esparza.
Spelling and Vocabulary – Alternate team: 2nd, Dissy Vargas; 4th, Salym Cook; 5th, Victoria Valenzuela; 6th, Lauren Ridens.
Prose Interpretation – 1st, Karis King; 3rd, Parker Lee; 6th, Hannah Hegedus.
Poetry Interpretation – 1st, Molly Northcott; 4th, Claire Walser; 6th, Ellen Abraham.
Persuasive Speaking – 1st, Emily Alexander; 2nd, Sebastian Lugo; 7th, Savanna Innis.
News Writing – 1st, Matthew Lynch; 2nd, Molly Northcott.
Lincoln Douglas Debate – 1st, George Abraham.
Computer Applications – 1st, Kylie Sawyer; 2nd, Brenda Hernandez; 3rd, Alex Moreno.
Feature Writing – 1st, Molly Northcott; 2nd, Elise Lusk.
Informative Speaking – 2nd, Chloe Walser, 4th, Alex Moreno; 6th, Abi Black.
Ready Writing – 2nd, Elise Lusk; 4th, Annette Gandara.
Headline Writing – 2nd, Hannah Hegedus; 3rd, Marcee Cooke.
Editorial Writing – 4th, Grace Abraham; 5th, Elise Lusk.
Cross Examination Debate – 1st team, Ellen Abraham, Grace Abraham; 2nd team, Sam Fry, Jaqueline Perez.
Speech – 1st team.
Journalism – 1st team.
One-Act Play – 1st.

The Regional contest will be held April 13-14 at Abilene Christian University in Abilene.

UIL CoachesThe coaches for UIL are: Lisa Ayala, Prose and Poetry; Angela Ecton, Number Sense, Calculator, and Mathematics; Vonya Eudy, Speech and Theater; Krista Graves, Spelling; Jacqui Haygood, Journalism events; Michele Hagood, Computer App and Accounting; Wade Hood, Science and Computer Science; Whitney Jones, Ready Writing and Literary Criticism; Tonya Powers, Speech and Debate; Ron Shrader, Social Studies and Current Events.


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