LETTER: Where have all the soldiers gone?

“WHERE HAVE ALL the soldiers gone?” is a line from a song penned in 1955 by Pete Seeger, which became a Vietnam-era protest song. But the question is relevant today, as Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, is upon us.

The VFW Post 7469 and the American Legion Post 56 have conducted a Memorial Day Ceremony since shortly after World War I. The VFW Post ceased operations, and the Legion Post 56 only has about 10 active members.

“The “Greatest Generation” was in their 60s when I started in 1980; most of them deceased now. Most Vietnam-era participants now are in their 60s or 70s.

About this time each year, I begin calling veterans who previously participated, and those whom I have heard about. Each year, it is more difficult to find enough veterans.

For some, it is a holiday with family plans. For others, it is another work day. Nevertheless, there will be a time when the traditional ceremony cannot be done unless younger veterans participate, particularly those from the Middle East conflicts.

I would love to hear from younger veterans who can participate. My cellphone is 806.217.1211, and is turned on, except when I am in court. I do not have voicemail, but I will see that someone called, and will return that call.

Also, we would welcome any veteran to be a part of Zybach-Owens Post 56. In addition to the Memorial Day Ceremony and 4th of July Parade, we also sponsor two boys for Boys State and two girls for Girls State each year.


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