Cruisin’ on a summer evening

Traffic picked up, on Main Street last Tuesday evening, as an impromptu photo shoot, featuring three classic cars, provided the perfect promotional opportunity for this community’s newest must-attend occasion: Cruise Night.

The inaugural event—which organizer Alex Adcock hopes will be the first of many—will kick off this Saturday, June 16, around 8 pm, in beautiful downtown Canadian.

“I want to get everybody out, as many people as I can,” he said, “with cars or without cars…just to look at them. Cars, trucks, motorcycles…any kind of vehicle you’re proud of…we want to see it.”

While he admits that the premiere of Cruise Night is just a trial run, Adcock is content to let it take its own shape. “I’m not real sure what we’ll do when we get here,” he said. “I’m just trying to get the cars out that never do come out, and have something for the car guys that are always wanting to do something.”

“Let’s have a good time and see each other’s cars,” Adcock said. “We’ll get to talk and ask questions, maybe get ideas for next builds from other people. We’ll cruise around and just kind of enjoy Canadian where it’s cool…and you can drive around in a classic car, or new car, with your windows down.”

Adcock picked one of downtown Canadian’s newest businesses, Brown Bag Roasters, as the base of operations for Cruise Night—both for its cool factor, as an appealing meeting place with cold drinks, and for its downtown location. “I think it’s the perfect place,” he said. “I’d like to do it there every time, I think, because we’ve got Main Street here, and a parking lot down here at the end, and it’s just a cool atmosphere . . .”


Alex Adcock’s black ‘71 Chevelle SS (in photo above), with added fuel-injection and turbo-charged engine is flanked by a ‘38 Ford pickup—with all-original parts and a patina of red paint—owned by Donnie Messner, whose family has owned it for three generations, and driven on this occasion by James Reed; and by Dillon Reed’s ‘69 Plymouth Roadrunner, with the original paint, but new suspension, a newly-rebuilt motor, and recently added slicks, for “burnouts.” In the background, the host site for next Saturday’s Cruise Night, Brown Bag Roasters, and proprietor Gabriel Brown.   


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