Introducing: The New Kids on the Block at The Canadian Record

Jillian Webb

Jillian WebbIf you happen to encounter a sweet but spunky stranger with a recorder around town, fear not, Canadian: she’s your newest Record reporter, Jillian Webb. Looking to explore the various sides of writing, Jillian traded the bustling streets of San Marcos for a fresh perspective here in Canadian.
“I find Canadian to be beautiful. I love how unique and special all of it’s history and people are.” Jillian gushed, “I’m excited to hear and share its stories.”
Life at the Record has offered Jillian something more than just a lovely place to live, it gives her the opportunity to use her English and philosophy degree from Texas State University. Jillian said “I am finally getting to use a degree, thought to be useless by the general business world, and getting a chance to engage daily with what I love—writing.” Jillian’s aspirations for the future are simple, but daring: “I hope to be happily writing my own novel or to become a big-time reporter.” Jillian shared.
When you meet his young woman, be ready to engage with warmth, openness, and a whole lot of spirit. When not busily hunting down stories, Jillian can be found enjoying a good philosophy book and chowing down on a supreme pizza.

Alyce Dossey

Alyce DosseyWhen you walk into the door of The Canadian Record, you’ll first see Alyce, patiently waiting to greet you with her warm contagious smile. Although new, she is a vital piece to the puzzle that is the paper here at The Record. She’s one of the first people I met when moving to Canadian and also one of the kindest and most welcoming.
When I asked her what attracted her to The Record, she responded in a very matter-of-fact fashion, as if the answer were obvious, “The environment. I’m able to be around writers who employ what I love doing in a real-life situation. Plus, everyone is nice.”
Currently in her senior year of her collegiate career, Alyce attends the University of Central Oklahoma, and plans to finish her degree in English with a concentration in creative writing. She excitedly told me of her future plans to receive her master’s degree in screenplay writing saying, “To me, it’s the ultimate form of storytelling. Screenplays are made into movies, and are literally brought to life. I love it.”
Alyce is young, full of wonder, and fearlessly ready to take on the world and everything that it may have to offer her. She is down-to-earth, and just like the rest of us, has a guilty food pleasure, for everything, though soups and bread have a special place in her heart. She also enjoys an unhealthy relationship with her Netflix account, binging her favorite shows which reflect her own style of writing, including; Penny Dreadful, Dark, and Stranger Things.
Alyce will be taking over some business-management duties for Mary Smithee, temporarily, so that Mary can enjoy some much needed downtime.

Cheri Smith

Cheri SmithYou never know where the love of reading will take you. Cheri Smith has probably wondered about the path that landed her at The Canadian Record as our new advertising manager.
For Cheri, it began seven years ago when her husband, Larry, came by the office to pick up his newspaper. He told the editor, Laurie Ezzell Brown, that if she ever needed anyone to read, that his wife always had a book in her hand—and loved them.
The young woman who had been reading copy for us had moved from Canadian, so we were adrift at that moment. It was perfect timing. Cheri became our part-time proofreader and chief enforcer of the sometimes arcane, and ever-changing, Associated Press-style rules. She was the one who “set The Record” straight, before it hit the streets.
When Ray Weeks, our ad manager for six years, left in February to pursue his lifelong dream of operating the Palace Theatre, we were once again adrift. One day, we asked Cheri if she knew of anyone who might be good for the job that combines salesmanship with graphic expertise, and requires major organizational skills.
The next day, she announced she could do the deed. And she has—beautifully. For our July 4th special section, Cheri created 72 ads (she counted), proving that she not only has boundless endurance, but also the chops for learning the intricacies of Photoshop.
Cheri still reads copy and still sets us straight. She keeps her 2018 AP Stylebook at her side in the ad room where you’ll find her combining her love of the written word, with her ever-expanding sense of great design.

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