Lowe’s shopper attempts to pass fake $100 bill

Business owners, beware. An unidentified man tried to pay for goods at Lowe’s on Saturday morning with a phony $100 bill.

Fortunately, an alert cashier looked at the C-note, noticed pink ink on the front and on the back, and decided to ask the service center manager to inspect the bill more closely.

Chinese characters printed in pink on the back of the bill proved to be the tell-tale sign. The manager refused to accept the bill, saying it was counterfeit. Though he insisted it was not fake, the shopper paid for his merchandise with other money, and walked away, leaving the $100 bill on the counter.

The scam is not new. It has made the rounds before.

The fake bills are imprinted with Chinese characters, and are easily-identified by attentive cashiers. Closer examination reveals a number of other flaws, including duplicate serial numbers.

The counterfeit money has, in the past, been sold for as little as $10 per hundred bills on eBay and other online sites.

These particular bank notes were apparently created for use by Chinese bank tellers who are learning how to count American currency. The fake notes are intended to discourage theft by trainees, and are identified, in Chinese script, as “for counting practice.”

Store manager Jacque Wilson said she worried there might be more of the phony bills in circulation here, and wanted to warn other business owners.

Wilson was in the back of the store when the incident happened, and did not see the man. She said the bill resembles a real one in appearance and texture, “other than the pink, and the lines across the corner.”

Lowe’s corporate headquarters sent out warnings several months ago that the phony bills were floating around, and advised employees to be on the lookout. Wilson’s advice: “If somebody pays with a $100 bill, please pay attention to it.”


If you suspect you have received a counterfeit note, or have information about counterfeiting activity, please report it immediately to your local law enforcement agency, or contact one of these U.S. Secret Service offices: 210 Park Avenue, #1100, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102, 405.272.0630, or 1205 Texas Avenue, #815, Lubbock, TX, 79401, 806.472.7347.

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