River Railroaded: Canadian sets new offensive record against rival Wildcats

The No. 2 Canadian Wildcats (2-0) fixed many week-one problems in week two. River Road (0-2) ended up the unfortunate victim of a crisp, clean, and efficient Black-and-Gold team, who rode into Amarillo, delivered a hellacious 60-13 beating, and walked out like they owned the stadium.
After allowing five sacks in the season opener, offensive linemen Saul Escamilla, Noah Carter, Rhet Pennington, Colton Risley, and Brenden Wyatt left their quarterbacks’ jerseys clean in the first away game of the season.
“As quarterback, I did not get sacked five times this week,” said quarterback Casen Cavalier. “Some of those last week were not their fault, but I didn’t get sacked this week…”

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Photos by Peyton Aufill

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