Big balls in C-Town

When the iconic 30-year-old Canadian Restaurant steer was grounded by a middle-of-the-night 48 mph wind gust in June, the damage to the fiberglass critter might well have been deemed fatal. The fall inflicted a sizeable gash to the steer’s torso, broke off one leg and damaged one horn. But that bull had been a beacon to the restaurant’s diners for nearly a quarter of a century, and owner Carla Evans wasn’t giving up. Good thing Josh Adcock came to the rescue. He trailered the injured beast, hauled it to his Backyard Customs Body Shop on Marshall Drive, and waited for the weather to cool a bit before beginning repair work. Just three months later, the bull rose again, with a perfectly-patched fiberglass body, a pair of real bull horns in place of the damaged ones, and a new pair of…well…balls, rendering the bull fully-equipped and anatomically correct for the first time in its life. Josh gave the buff new beef a fresh coat of paint, and recruited welders Kirk Westbrook and Taylor Smith to help raise the bull to old heights last Friday morning, using a forklift borrowed from Bartlett’s Lumber, manned by Leonel Avila. Josh, Kirk and Taylor carefully positioned it on a reinforced base and welded it in place, where God willing and the wind don’t blow, it will remain for another thirty years.


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