Career Day: Koetting, Cavalier, and Evans break records in Friona rout

It was career day in Friona Friday night.
Not for the Chieftains (4-4, 0-3), but the visiting Wildcats (7-1, 3-0) who schooled their district rival, scoring a season high, 63-14.
Canadian had one job, and they did it well—beat the Chieftains mercilessly.
“A lot of teams come in after big wins,” said Bill Koetting, “and they don’t play as well as they did last week. They relax. That was the main point all week. Work hard, get better, and don’t take a step back. We never let off the gas pedal.”
Twelve minutes into the game, the Wildcats had run up what would have been considered a four-quarter rout, finishing the first frame with a 35-0 lead.
“Any time you score 35 points in a quarter…”

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Photos by Peyton Aufill

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