Canadian River Beach Club delivers the goods

Canadian Community Center


Canadian River Beach Club members needed a pickup truck last week to deliver a couple of hefty checks to local nonprofits. Spencer and Lacy Hanes, Brian Gallagher, Ben Riverman, Megan Betts, and Jonilyn Hanes visited the Canadian Community Center (photo above) and Hemphill County 4H (photo below) last Thursday and Friday, bearing $5,000 gifts for each organization. They were welcomed on Thursday afternoon by CCC Director Trudy Uriega, Assistant Director Ike Julian, and a troop of smiling youngsters. “We would like to thank the Beach Club for their support and their amazing donation to our Youth and Sports Assistance Fund,” said Julian. “With this, we can provide 200 youth-sports scholarships or 100 years worth of youth memberships! It’s amazing to be a part of a community that is so invested in its young people.” On Friday, Hemphill County 4-H representatives Christa Perry, Paige Perry, and Andy Holloway were the happy recipients. “We are just overwhelmed with gratitude for their unsolicited generosity,” Holloway said of the Beach Club’s unexpected contribution. “Their investment in Hemphill County 4-H will make a big difference in a lot of kids’ lives through educational opportunities they will have in many different ways. Part of the money will be applied toward scholarships that help with students’ trips and college educations. We are grateful.” The donations were funded by proceeds from the 10th Annual CRBC Calf Fry and BBQ Cook-Off, held in September.


Hemphill County 4H

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