Photographer Wilberforce featured in Last Cowboy’s Court monthly ‘gatherings’ debut Monday

Report by Remelle Farrar

Now for the news: Yes, you heard right. I am excited to share the news that The Last Cowboy’s Court will be hosting a monthly series of gatherings in 2019. Each month, we’ll be inviting our friends and neighbors to join us in celebrating, remembering, reminiscing or learning about one facet of the history, heritage, or natural resources of our home in Hemphill County, while getting acquainted with or celebrating one of our icons or local legends.

Dick Wilberforce was a hands-down selection for our first gathering, as his work evokes everyone’s best memories of days spent outside, the birds and wildlife, the good dog or favorite horse we share our home with, and the ranching that developed here because of our natural setting.

Even more importantly, Dick’s genuine love for and clear delight in the beauty and heritage of this place we are blessed to call home shines through every conversation and every story he tells. So, to set the stage for our series of gatherings, we asked Dick and a group of friends to join us on a cold night in front of the fire at the Cowboy’s gathering room, and share memories and stories of how he took that picture.

We will have two more indoor gatherings in deference to our February and March weather, and will then use the Cowboy as a gathering spot from which to start our outdoor tours and adventures each month. We invite everyone to watch The Canadian Record, our Facebook page, and website page for the calendar of gatherings.

We love this place and are passionate about our heritage and history. That’s the reason and the passion that drove Beth Sturgeon to start The Last Cowboy’s Court renovations. Our desire to share the stories and beauty of our area, and the people who built it, inspires everything we are doing now.

Sometimes that sounds corny and contrived. Fortunately, February is the one month of the year that everybody is comfortable talking about love, so the month’s gathering theme will be “Cowboy Love.”

Everybody loves our cowboys, our cowboy heritage and lifestyle, and we love Canadian’s being known as Rodeo Town. Our gathering, Feb. 18, will focus on our cowboys and cowgirls, past and present. Details and the invitation to join us will be in next week’s paper and on our Facebook page and website.

We’re also offering a chance for everyone to have their favorite local cowboy picture featured in our Rodeo Room and to enter our contest for a fabulous “Cowboy Love” for Valentine’s Day Stay-cation in Canadian package. More on that, too, in our ad in The Record and on the Facebook and website pages.

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