Traveling with Gulliver

CAA children’s theatre camp production of Gulliver’s Travels was performed June 28, ending a five-day workshop. The cast of 26 actors included Aspen Durham, Avery Ratliff, Emily Green, Alicia Munoz, Mirabelle Brown, Claire Wilhelm, Tate Wilhelm, Kylie Cavalier, Olivia Flowers, London Nicholson, Savannah Church, Martin Baker, A’dyn Gazra, Brenner Hawkins, Nohemy Almendarez, Kyle Wright, T.J. Purcell, Donnie Purcell, Ava Johnson, Collin Mercer, Waylon Hawkins, Paige Ratliff, Charlotte Gilmour, Emma Peterson, Oakley Church, and Emily Ratliff. CAA camp director was Angie Hawkins, and assistant directors included Averi Durham, Trey McPherson, Ella Walser, and Corbin Throgmorton. Accompanist for the play was Paula Forrest. Missoula Children’s Theatre created this version of the classic, and their tour actors/directors, Anna Rae Schindler and Angelica McGew, were part of the cast.


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