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Being Dramatic

“Murder in the Knife Room” was the second presentation at the Texas Crown Hall on Saturday evening as part of the Canadian …

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Curtain Call For Murder

Canadian High School drama class presented “Did Someone Say Murder?” by David Lamaster Saturday evening at the Texas Crown Hall. Photos by …

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Halloween 2014

This year the streets were filled with everything from monsters to minions, with popular themes highlighting the heroes from The Avengers and …

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Wildcat Band Pink Out A Success

Over 400 shirts and numerous donations later, the Canadian Wildcat Band Pink Out was officially deemed a success. Booster Club members tallied …

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October 23, 2014

Read these stories and more in this week’s e-edition. City council raises trash pickup rates, discusses unsightly dumpsters With renewed interest in …

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October 16, 2014

Read these stories and more in this week’s e-edition: 2014 Fall Foliage Festival Special Section Early balloting begins on Monday in pivotal …